Kanye is angry

Thousands of fans were said to be angry that Kanye West kept them waiting for 2 hours for his performance at Bonnaroo.

Kanye West broke up

Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, Alexis Phifer, have ended it.

Kanye West wants a 150-inch plasma

One of the benefits of being a celebrity are the free gifts like wristwatches, necklaces, cellphones and kidney transplants.

Kanye West makes Beyonce his bitch

These pictures taken with someone’s iPhone show Kanye crushing Beyonce with his godly connect four skills; subsequently sending her into a tizzy of self-doubt and shame.

Kanye West breaks down

Having last week canceled his appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show due to his mother’s death, Kanye West decided to go ahead with his planned performance at Le Zénith in Paris.

There’s video of Kanye West whining

If you’re not satisfied with just reading about Kanye crying like a baby after not winning a stupid MTV award, you can listen to it too.

Kanye West is fragile

Kanye West was disappointed yet again after not winning one award at the VMAs.

Kanye West is a VIP

A music company is giving Kanye West the full celebrity treatment.

In other news

Rosie O’Donnell brings annoying to a whole new level.

Kanye West is a douche

Update: Watch this on video. At the MTV Europe Awards, Justice and Simian (don’t know who they are) won for best video.