Kanye West is a douchebag

Taylor Swift won Best Female Music Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, but leave it up to that whiny bitch Kanye to rush on stage, steal the mic from Taylor and tell everyone how Beyonce’s video should have won instead.

This creeps me out

Kanye West shot an ad for Louis Vuitton with his girlfriend Amber Rose.

Caps Lock engaged!

Last night, South Park aired a skit about Kanye West being a gay fish and returning to the ocean to be with the other gay fish where he does a musical number with the infamous auto-tuner.

Things missed

There is no AI conspiracy: Yesterday, Alexis Grace was kicked off the show.

Kanye West has been charged

The LA City Attorney has charged Kanye West with vandalism, battery and grand theft stemming from an incident on September 11 at LAX where Kanye smashed a photog’s camera.

How does Kanye do it?

By it, I’m referring to his blog which he manages to update an average of 15 times a day despite a hectic schedule.

Kanye West will not be charged

TMZ has learned that the LA County DA will not file felony charges against Kanye West or his bodyguard despite video footage showing both of them taking a photogs camera and smashing it on the ground.

Kanye West arrested at LAX

Kanye West was just arrested at LAX for felony vandalism when he smashed a photog’s camera to the ground because he was taking pictures of him at the American Airlines terminal.

Kanye is angry

Thousands of fans were said to be angry that Kanye West kept them waiting for 2 hours for his performance at Bonnaroo.

Kanye West broke up

Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, Alexis Phifer, have ended it.

Kanye West wants a 150-inch plasma

One of the benefits of being a celebrity are the free gifts like wristwatches, necklaces, cellphones and kidney transplants.

Kanye West makes Beyonce his bitch

These pictures taken with someone’s iPhone show Kanye crushing Beyonce with his godly connect four skills; subsequently sending her into a tizzy of self-doubt and shame.

Kanye West breaks down

Having last week canceled his appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show due to his mother’s death, Kanye West decided to go ahead with his planned performance at Le Zénith in Paris.