Before Kanye Was Kanye

Before Kanye West became the egotistical lyricist with the emotional stability of a 2-year-old, he was just a regular old rapper spitting rhymes at Fat Beats in New York City.


You Want to See What Kanye and Kim’s Wedding Looked Like?

Well you’re in luck. E! managed to get an exclusive first look through a super secret spy at Kim and Kanye’s wedding called “the entire US E! film crew.” They went undetected with their shoulder mounted cameras to get shots like this.


Kanye West ‘Won’ Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Kanye West is featured in Future’s “I Won” where he raps about dipping Kim Kardashian’s ass in gold, her being the #1 trophy wife and bragged to NFL and NBA stars about how he beat them out to score Kim.

Kim Kardashian Interview - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Baby North Peed on Kanye During the Vogue Shoot

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kim Kardashian said that she had to keep her Vogue shoot hidden from her sisters and that she often uses Kanye as an excuse for getting out of things she didn’t want to do.