PETA Must Love Kanye West

Kanye West slapped PETA in the face on Monday when he walked out of his hotel wearing a real fur coat and hopefully real leather pants.


Kanye West goes on another rant

Kanye West performed his new perfect-10-from-Pitchfork album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday where he launched into another rant against the media, Bush, Katrina, Matt Lauer and Taylor Swift.


Kanye West cops to the nude pics

Kanye West went on Funkmaster Flex’s Tuesday night show on Hot 97 and admitted in a roundabout way that the photos of his penis that were leaked before Halloween were of him.

Kanye West’s penis makes its debut

In mid-October, Radar ran a story about a few enterprising women shopping around pictures of Kanye West’s penis that were sent to them through MySpace by Kanye.


Kanye West performed on SNL

Kanye West was the musical guest on SNL last Saturday where he performed ‘Power’ and ‘Runaway.’ I can’t decide whether his performances were extremely creative or ridiculously self-indulgent.