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Deadmau5 Cheated on Kat Von D
break-upsJune 27, 2013

I linked to the story about Kat Von D ending her engagement to Deadmau5 but I can never stay away from stories about dudes in masks. It’s my ...

Deadmau5 Is a Romantic, Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter
deadmau5December 17, 2012

Because Deadmau5 is the most romantic man in the world, he whipped out his fanciest keyboard and tweeted “Will you marry me” to Kat Von D. She said ...

Jesse James Cheated on Kat Von D With 19 Girls So Far
break-upsNovember 14, 2011

Like any progressive woman of the 21st century, Kat Von D took to Facebook to passive-aggressively bitch out her now ex-again-boyfriend, Jesse James. She begins by nothing that, ...

Kat Von D Engaged to Jesse James Again
engagementsAugust 19, 2011

In a last ditch effort to save her just cancelled reality show, Kat Von D and Jesse James have become engaged again. I think this way because I’m ...

Kat Von D’s ‘LA Ink’ Canceled
cancellationsAugust 18, 2011

Not only did Kat Von D’s engagement to Jesse James end, presumably because he was cheating on her, but now TLC has decided to not renew LA Ink. ...

Jesse James May Have Cheated on Kat Von D
jesse jamesJuly 28, 2011

Jesse James’ penis is like a divining rod for tattooed whores so it’s no surprise that his split with Kat Von D may have been because of another ...

Kat Von D Got a Tattoo of Jesse James’ Face
jesse jamesJuly 27, 2011

The bad news is that before Kat Von D and Jesse James split, Kat tattooed Jesse James’ 10-year-old face on her left side. The good news is that ...

Kat Von D and Jesse James Have Split
break-upsJuly 26, 2011

Everyone saw this coming a mile away so nothing abut this Jesse James and Kat Von D split is particularly surprising except for the fact they didn’t announce ...

Jesse James and Kat Von D Still Getting Married
denialsJune 17, 2011

Jesse James denied rumors of an impending split to PEOPLE. James said, “That is absolutely not true. We’re still going strong. Things are completely good with us.” Kat ...