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Katt Williams Unretires
katt williamsDecember 6, 2012

Four days ago, Katt Williams announced his retirement on the streets of Seattle. Now he’s officially un-retired. Totally unrelated fact. His tour manager is Suge Knight. Katt’s management ...

Katt Williams Announces Retirement
katt williamsDecember 4, 2012

After leading police on a tricycle chase, slapping a Target employee, getting into a bar fight and throwing a lit cigarette at a woman and then getting kicked ...

Katt Williams Arrested After Bar Fight
arrestsDecember 3, 2012

Much like Lindsay Lohan, Katt Williams has been having a great month. After video surfaced of him slapping a Target employee in Sacramento, Katt was arrested on Sunday ...

Katt Williams Slapped a Target Employee
katt williamsDecember 3, 2012

It’s safe to say Katt Williams is still crazy. Fresh off of leading police on a tricycle chase, Katt was at a Sacramento Target on Sunday where he ...

Katt Williams Led Cops on a Tricycle Chase
katt williamsNovember 28, 2012

To be fair, comedian Katt Williams wasn’t exactly riding a tricycle. It was a three wheeled motorcycle. I guess the┬áimagery┬áis slightly less funny. Anyway, cops say they saw ...