The Kardashians Want Their Own Magazine

In their quest for all Kardashian coverage all the time, the family of highly trained fame whores are close to be landing a deal with American Media Inc, the owners of Star, The National Enquirer and Shape, to launch a tabloid dedicated solely to the themselves.


Kim Kardashian Is a Homewrecker

Kanye West’s ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, spoke with Star Magazine and showed she’s obviously still bitter that Kanye dumped her for Kim Kardashian and calls Kim a homewrecker.


Slave Labor Keeps the Kardashian Costs Down

TMZ confirms that the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has launched an investigation into whether or not the Kardashians’ wares are produced using Chinese slave labor in factories reeking of sewage with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. An official from the org says the conditions are horrific.


The Kardashians Are Sensitive

Apparently the Kardashians don’t like being reminded that the only reason Kim is famous is because Ray J released a sex tape of her and maybe peed on her and they certainly do not like to be reminded that Bruce Jenner looks drag queen scarecrow.


Kim Kardashian Is in Danger

According to MediaTakeOut, eh hm, producers of Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor have received credible threats towards Kim Kardashian’s safety.