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Kanye West Will Not Be in the Room When Kim Pops That Baby Out
kanye westJune 5, 2013

Like any rational person, Kanye West doesn’t want to watch Kim Kardashian push an 8lb bloody mess out of her. An insider tells In Touch that Kanye is very ...

Kim Kardashian Is Having a Girl
kim kardashianJune 3, 2013

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian gets an ultrasound and learns that she and Kanye West are having a baby girl. Kris Jenner ...

Kanye Is Pissed at Kim
kanye westMay 24, 2013

According to HSK, Lorne Michaels may not be inviting Kanye West back to SNL because of the constant fighting backstage between Kanye, Kim and Kris Jenner. An insider says ...

Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower Invite Is Ridiculous
kim kardashianMay 22, 2013

Someone sent TMZ a picture of Kim Kardashian’s baby shower invite. It’s as extravagantly retarded as one would imagine. The invite was a functioning music box complete with ...

Kanye West Is a Klutz
kanye westMay 10, 2013

His ego having been inflated to monstrous proportions, Kanye West no longer has the spatial awareness necessary to maneuver his head around safely. Case in point. Kanye and Kim stopped for some ...

Robin Williams Wore It Better
kim kardashianMay 9, 2013

A couple days ago, Robin Williams tweeted a side-by-side of him in Mrs. Doubtfire and Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala and shouted “Twinsies!” He’s right. He did. But ...

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant Body on the Cover of Us Weekly
kim kardashianMay 8, 2013

Kim Kardashian covers the new issue of Us Weekly wearing nothing but a bikini and asks, “You call this fat?” I don’t know if that’s a rhetorical question ...

The MET Gala Theme Was PUNK: Chaos to Couture
ashley olsenMay 7, 2013

Last night was the Costume Institute Gala at the MET in NYC. The theme of the night was Punk: Chaos to Couture which meant celebs were encouraged to ...

Ray J Wants You to Know He Hit It (Kim Kardashian) First
kim kardashianApril 29, 2013

Brandy’s brother Ray J is desperate to be somewhat famous again which is why he’s released the music video for I Hit it First, his whiny rap about banging ...