Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping

Oprah Winfrey sat down with CBS This Morning and confessed that Lance Armstrong did admit to doping in his two part interview airing on Oprah’s network beginning Thursday.

Lance Armstrong is pregnant

One nut wonder Lance Armstrong is expecting a child with current girlfriend Anna Hansen (before and after pictures of when Lance got the news above).

Lance who?

Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson tried to waltz into Rao’s without a reservation the other day and were quickly turned away.

Sheryl Crow doesn’t approve

Lance Armstrong’s ex, Sheryl Crow, voiced her disapproval of Lance and Ashley Olsen’s relationship.

In other news

Jesus, there’s a lot of Anna Nicole stuff.

Matt is not gay for Lance

When Details magazine asked Matt about the gay rumors surrounding him and Lance, Matt said, “We tried it.

Lance and Paris are together?

Lance Armstrong and Paris Hilton were spotted at the Key Club in LA catching the band Vacation where they apparently arrived together and left together.

Lance and Matthew might be exclusive

Pictures were taken of Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey working out without their third wheel Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake and Lance are bff

It’s being said that the reason Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong have been seen riding together so often is because Jake is the leading contender to play Lance in a Sony biopic.