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Justin Timberlake Will Reunite With ‘NSync at VMAs
jc chasezAugust 20, 2013

Time to bust out those acid washed jean jackets and frosted tips because Justin Timberlake is reportedly getting the band back together with ‘NSync at this weekend’s Video ...

Amanda Bynes Goes After Lance Bass, Is Not in Buffalo
amanda bynesMay 31, 2013

Amanda Bynes is calling every person that says she needs help “ugly.” The ultimate insult. Her latest target is Lance Bass who produced her 2005 movie Love Wrecked. ...

Everyone Else at the 40th Annual American Music Awards
50 centNovember 19, 2012

Here’s everyone else at the 40th Annual American Music Awards last night. This includes such musical greats as Phoebe Price and Elisha Cuthbert? What the hell? Why are ...

Lance Bass and 50 Cent feud gaily
50 centOctober 25, 2007

Lance Bass and 50 Cent are embroiled in a bitter war over the predicted success of their respective books. 50 Cent is releasing “50 x 50″ while ...

More news from out there
chris daughtryMarch 7, 2007

I wanted Tara Reid to sing you the news. This is as close as I could get. Listen to Tara’s angelic voice as she coos ...

Lance Bass is gay
lance bassJuly 26, 2006

Lance Bass has finally come out and admitted he’s gay. People were so shocked that they had to call 911 because of breathing problems. Then they realized ...