Taylor Lautner is whiny

Taylor Lautner is suing McMahon’s RV for failing to deliver a fully loaded trailer worth $30,000 to him by the agreed upon date of June 21.


James Cameron sued over “Avatar”

Now that Avatar has earned a billion dollars, people are coming out of the woodwork to sue James Cameron claiming his film too closely resembles their works of fiction.


Joe Francis is suing

Back in August, Joe Francis pulled Jayde Nicole to the ground by her hair after she apparently dumped a drink on him.

An A-Team for a D-lister

Paris Hilton went to court with her lawyers in Miami on Thursday to defend against a lawsuit claiming she failed to adequately promote National Lampoon’s Pledge This!

Lindsay Lohan sued over fake tan

Lindsay Lohan released a fake tan called Sevin Nyne this summer claiming she and celebrity air-brush tan artist Lorit Simon co-created it over the past three years.

Chris Brown sued for assault and battery

Robert Rosen is suing both Chris Brown and LA Fitness for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, premises liability and false imprisonment.

Paris Hilton didn’t know

Worldwide Entertainment Group is suing Paris Hilton to the tune of $8.3 million for failing to promote National Lampoon’s Pledge This! as agreed upon.

Queen Latifah got sued

Two alleged former employees, a makeup artist and a fashion stylist, are suing Queen Latifah today claiming she cheated them out of $1 million.

DJ AM wants $20 million

Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM is suing Learjet for $20 million in damages after surviving a plane crash in South Carolina.

Sharon Osbourne sued for attack

[flashvideo filename=http://cache.theblemish.com/videos/2009/03/charmschool.flv width=500 height=281 /] Megan Hauserman has filed suit against Sharon Osbourne for attacking her during a taping of a Charm School reunion show.