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Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be Renewed
2 broke girlsApril 17, 2014

Reports are indicating Oprah won’t be renewing Lindsay Lohan’s reality show for a second season. They thought it was going to be a big hit or at least ...

Lindsay Lohan Promised Not to Party at Coachella, Partied at Coachella
coachellaApril 15, 2014

Before Lindsay Lohan headed off to Coachella last weekend, she promised her friends she would stay sober. I guess she meant she wasn’t going to blow a guy ...

Lindsay Lohan Was Almost in the ‘The Avengers’ Says Delusional Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohanApril 4, 2014

When your life is spinning in an uncontrollable downward spiral, you tend to start comforting yourself with sweet lies. This is what Lindsay Lohan did in the last ...

Lindsay Lohan Is All Smiles In NYC
Haha, Lindsay’s Credit Cards Were Declined
lindsay lohanApril 1, 2014

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had a real job in a while now but she’s still buying $300 worth of merchandise on shopping sprees. Much like she did in Soho ...

James Franco Denies Sleeping With Lindsay Lohan
james francoMarch 27, 2014

A couple weeks ago, In Touch got ahold of Lindsay Lohan’s fuck list. A list she made at a hotel bar of everyone she’s slept with. This is ...

Lindsay Lohan’s Bang List Reveals More Names
lindsay lohanMarch 19, 2014

A few more names have been added to Lindsay Lohan’s fuck list, the piece of paper listing all of her conquests that was discovered in a hotel bar. ...

Lindsay Lohan Made a List of the 36 People She’s Banged
lindsay lohanMarch 12, 2014

With her friends at a Beverly Hills Hotel, Lindsay Lohan wrote down a list of the 36 people she’s had sex with and then talked shit about them. ...

The Trailer for Linday Lohan’s New Show Is a Tour de Force
lindsay lohanMarch 5, 2014

The trailer for Linday Lohan’s series on Oprah’s OWN network has dropped. On March 9, we will have indisputable proof that Lindsay is a fuck-up by choice and ...

London Is Paying Lindsay to be a Club Rat
lindsay lohanJanuary 23, 2014

What’s the perfect job for a person like Lindsay Lohan who’s fresh out of rehab? Being paid to show up at bars and clubs of course. Lindsay, who ...