The 84th Annual Academy Awards 2012 Arrivals

Update: More arrival photos added. I know some of you like to see who wore what at the Oscars so here’s a bunch of celebrities arriving on the red carpet yesterday but let me save you some time on figuring it out.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Were at the Oscars

Brad Pitt may not have won Best Actor for Moneyball, that honor went to Jean Dujardin for The Artist obviously (seriously, the Academy must have gotten so hard watching that silent film), but he still gets to bang Angelina Jolie and her right leg, which kept making an appearance through a slit in her dress the entire night.

Michael Bay Campaigns for an Oscar

When Michael Bay isn’t filming Megan Fox washing his Ferrari for his spank bank or dumping supermodels in the middle of the desert, he’s creating For Your Consideration ads like these.


The 2012 Oscar Nominations are Out

When this year’s Oscars is being hosted by Billy Crystal and Hugo is nominated in every single category and the one film that’s probably going to win for Best Picture is a silent film called The Artist, you pretty much know you’re going to be passed out in your pretentious beret 30 minutes in.


Eddie Murphy Steps Down as Host of Oscars

Brett Ratner resigned from producing this year’s Oscars on Tuesday due to the backlash from his “rehearsal’s for f*gs” comment and now Eddie Murphy has stepped down as the host as a show of solidarity.


Brett Ratner Resigns as Producer of the Oscars

Brett Ratner may have apologized for saying “rehearsal’s for f*gs” and Academy president Tom Sherak may have accepted his apology but it seems none of that was enough because Ratner has now resigned from producing the Oscar telecast.