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Gerard Butler Is Done With Rehab
gerard butlerFebruary 27, 2012

Gerard Butler got out of rehab right in time to hit up all the Oscar parties. Here he is at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party. His face looks like ...

Did Jennifer Lopez Slip a Nipple or What?
jennifer lopezFebruary 27, 2012

While presenting the Oscars for Best Costume Design and Best Makeup with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez slipped a nipple. Or at least some areola. Maybe. Ironically, their intro ...

Richard Dreyfuss Doesn’t Go to Movies Anymore, Is Busy Winning the Nobel Prize
oscarsFebruary 27, 2012

Richard Dreyfuss was interviewed after the Oscars and was asked who, out of the current crop of young actors, really excites him and makes him think, “that’s a ...

Jean Dujardin Won an Oscar and Natalie Portman
jean dujardinFebruary 27, 2012

Apparently when you win the Oscar for Best Actor like Jean Dujardin did for The Artist, not only do you get a golden statue, but you also get ...

Miley Cyrus at the Vanity Fair and Elton John Oscar Parties
liam hemsworthFebruary 27, 2012

It’s safe to say Miley Cyrus will never win an Oscar but she sure as hell can attend the parties. Here she is with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth ...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Were at the Oscars
angelina jolieFebruary 27, 2012

Brad Pitt may not have won Best Actor for Moneyball, that honor went to Jean Dujardin for The Artist obviously (seriously, the Academy must have gotten so hard watching ...

Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars
oscarsFebruary 26, 2012

Somehow Sacha Baron Cohen made his way onto the Oscar red carpet on Sunday, despite being dis-invited unless he promised not to promote his movie, and did what ...

Sacha Baron Cohen Sort of Banned from the Oscars
bansFebruary 23, 2012

Much like he’s done many times before, to promote his upcoming comedy,¬†The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen planned to attend the Oscars in full character. The Academy, who takes ...

Michael Bay Campaigns for an Oscar
michael bayFebruary 8, 2012

When Michael Bay isn’t filming Megan Fox washing his Ferrari for his spank bank or dumping supermodels in the middle of the desert, he’s creating For Your Consideration ...