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Paris Hilton is stylish
paris hiltonJanuary 19, 2009

Awww, look. The retard dressed herself.

Bwahahaha, everyone hates Paris
paris hiltonJanuary 14, 2009

It’s been two days since the Golden Globes, but the stories keep coming. This one is about how no one wants Paris Hilton at their parties. Specifically, ...

George Clooney and Paris Hilton?
george clooneyJanuary 2, 2009

Reports indicate that Paris Hilton may be banging George Clooney. The two have been spotted out together a couple of times. The first being at the Whiskey ...

Good thing Paris is in Australia
paris hiltonDecember 29, 2008

Paris Hilton walked around with her reality show BFF sporting an active cold sore in Australia yesterday. Since she was in another country, it saved me from ...

Paris is a detective
paris hiltonDecember 23, 2008

Paris Hilton isn’t one to sit idly by while some stranger rubs her antique jewelery all over their genitals. She put on her pink and plaid detective ...

Paris Hilton is devastated
paris hiltonDecember 22, 2008

Paris Hilton’s house in Beverly Hills was burglarized last week by a man wearing a hoodie and gloves who forced his way through the front door and ...

Paris was robbed
paris hiltonDecember 19, 2008

Sources at the LAPD say Paris Hilton’s Beverly Hills home was burglarized this morning. Police report a man in a hoodie forced his way through the front ...

Paris is a good teacher
paris hiltonDecember 18, 2008

Esquire profiled Paris Hilton and instead of a long winded essay which they’d eventually regret, kind of like when you wake up next to a fat, ugly ...

Paris Hilton is on the prowl
gerard butlerDecember 16, 2008

It was only a matter of time before Paris Hilton’s diseased womb rubbed up against another unsuspecting actor. The Daily Star claims Gerard Butler is the latest ...