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Paris Hilton detained in Japan over cocaine arrest
arrestsSeptember 21, 2010

Paris Hilton was detained at a Japanese airport today for hours unable to enter the country because she had plead guilty to possession of cocaine. She’s been allowed ...

Paris Hilton isn’t going to jail
paris hiltonSeptember 20, 2010

In late August, Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine at Wynn hotel in Vegas. Paris claimed the purse the baggie of coke fell out of wasn’t ...

Paris Hilton smuggles drugs in her vagina
joe francisSeptember 8, 2010

“Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis is currently trying to block the release of a tell-all book written by one of his former employees, Ryan Simkin. Simikin seems ...

Paris Hilton treated like a princess in jail
paris hiltonSeptember 7, 2010

Paris Hilton was processed and released from Clark County Detention Center in three hours; half the time it takes to process a normal person facing the same charge. ...

Paris Hilton owes $160,000
lawsuitsSeptember 3, 2010

Worldwide Entertainment Group, the people behind 2006′s Pledge This!, filed a $1 million suit against Paris Hilton for breach of contract claiming she failed to do interviews with ...

Paris Hilton is lying
paris hiltonSeptember 2, 2010

When Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine, she told the cops that the purse they found it in wasn’t hers even though she said the cash ...

Paris Hilton banned from Wynn resorts
cy waitsSeptember 1, 2010

After Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine inside the Wynn and her boyfriend, Wynn nightclub exec Cy Waits, was arrested for driving while high outside the ...

Paris Hilton doesn’t have time for drugs
paris hiltonAugust 31, 2010

According to Paris Hilton’s hair stylist Michael Boychuck, Hilton “wants everyone to know she does not do drugs and does not have time for that.” Hilton superfan Boychuck ...

Paris Hilton to be charged with drug felony
arrestsAugust 30, 2010

Hallelujah! Unlike LA where the DA would have asked Paris for her autograph and kissed her feet before ever charging her with anything, Las Vegas will hit Paris ...