Rumer Willis Booty Shot

Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Dance Booty

Dance does a body good. Rumer Willis won this season’s Dancing with the Stars and evidently, it got her into shape as she posed for this poolside photo.

Of Course Rumer Willis Was There

When you’re taken to the hospital for trying to recapture your youth by doing whip-its and spice then of course it stands to reason there must have been someone there under 25 to assist you.

Rumer Willis is a Model Now

Defying all logic, the Badgley Mischka brand has picked Rumer Willis to be their face and star in their upcoming ad campaign.


Demi Moore is helpful

Life & Style reports Demi Moore, 47, gave her daughter Rumer Willis, 21, a lesson in pole dancing at a party at the Chateau Marmont last month.

Rumer Willis believes she is talented

Rumer Willis and her chin recently shared that her parents had nothing to do with her being involved with instant movie classics such as House Bunny and the soon to be released Sorority Row.

Rumer Willis is see-through

Rumer Willis attended the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto last Sunday and guess what she was wearing to take focus off her humongous chin?

Rumer Willis had a crush on her stepdad

Rumer Willis admits that before her mom, Demi Moore, started banging Ashton Kutcher, she “had the hots” for him and even had his posters on her wall.

Rumer Willis hates her chin

Rumer Willis hates her huge Jay Leno chin and blames her dad for bestowing these awful genes upon her.

Rumer Willis is delusional

Trumpet the horns! Throw the confetti! Rumer Willis is ready to be famous!

Rumer Willis likes to party

Before everyone starts asking why I’m putting up Facebook pictures of random girls, let me clarify that the black haired girl is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.