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Russell Crowe as Noah
‘Noah:’ Darren To Be Different
ReviewsMarch 31, 2014

“Darren Aronofsky’s Noah” is a pretty silly concept when you think about each part of that phrase. We are talking about Darren Aronofsky, director of secular, “sin-filled,” mind-bending ...

‘Winter’s Tale:’ Winter’s Fail*
ReviewsFebruary 17, 2014

It makes even less sense than you possibly thought it could. Winter’s Tale has everything: time travel, William Hurt, cancer, true love, the Devil, miracles, flying horses, demons, ...

Noah - Official® Trailer [HD]
There’s a Trailer for ‘Noah’
anthony hopkinsNovember 14, 2013

Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson star in the new film Noah about the biblical Noah who builds a floating zoo to save a bunch of animals ...

George Clooney Says Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Back Up His Sh*t Talk
george clooneyNovember 11, 2013

The latest issue of Esquire features George Clooney who ends up talking sh*t about Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe because, honestly, these guys need to pull their head ...

Russell Crowe Got Pooped On During ‘Man of Steel’
man of steelJune 11, 2013

While filming scenes with baby Kal-el in Man of Steel, Russell Crowe scored the trifecta of baby accidents. Crowe says he was farted on, peed on and then pooped ...

Russell Crowe Told Rebel Wilson to F-Off
jay lenoApril 11, 2013

While on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rebel Wilson talked about how she won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship while studying acting at the Australian Theater for Young People. Turns out ...

Russell Crowe Has a Studio Version of ‘Stars’
russell croweJanuary 24, 2013

Russell Crowe got tired of people criticizing his singing in Les Miserables so he said, “suck it, you jerks,” by releasing his studio session for Stars on Twitter. He’s actually pretty active ...

‘Broken City’: At Least They Didn’t Make Russell Crowe Sing
ReviewsJanuary 18, 2013

Broken City should win the Oscar for “At Least They Didn’t Make Russell Crowe Sing.” But that’s just about the most positive thing to say about it. You’d ...

This Is Not How I Imagined Noah
noahOctober 18, 2012

A few shots of Russell Crowe in full costume filming Noah in New York just came out and what is this? I was imagining Noah to be skinnier and more ...