Happy 4th of July!

July 4. Independence Day. The day America celebrates the Will Smith/Bill Pullman movie directed by our favorite doomsayer Roland Emmerich.


Happy Whatever You Celebrate

If you’re wondering why there weren’t a lot of posts today, it’s because it’s Christmas Eve and I’m waiting with a bat by my chimney for Santa Claus to come.

Happy Something Or Other

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I mentally check out early and wish you Merry Holidays.

Site news

Some of you may have noticed the site has been partially loading and if you refresh a couple of times, it’ll load completely.

Pictures should load now

I was having some trouble with the CDN yesterday so the large pictures were borked.

Programming note

Just for today, a few new writers will be posting in sort of a trial by fire audition.

Site news: Virus edition

I’ve been told that an ad on this site is attempting to install malware or a virus.

Site news

Everything should be back to normal now.

Happy Thanksgiving you heathens

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turducken or your bacon wrapped turkey, but remember if you have a heart attack, no one is taking your ass to the hospital.

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day and all that. I’ll see you Tuesday.

Site news

The comments and a few other things are broken.