Snooki’s Man Can’t Stop Putting Babies In Her

Snooki is pregnant again. After giving birth to her first son in 2012 and even writing a book about it called Baby Bumps, she’s now preparing for her second with fiance Jionni LaValle. She seems like less of a drunken mess these days so expect her amniotic fluid to be only 10% alcohol as opposed to 60% like last time.

A Snooki Couture Fragrance Sounds Terrifying

Snooki launched her newest fragrance in New York, New York on Monday and I didn’t see the pictures so, judging by the description alone, I expected pictures of Snooki bending over and farting.


Snooki Fell and No One Helped

Snooki is pregnant with what scientists are still classifying as a human baby and while filming Jersey Shore yesterday, she fell while walking around in a pair of platform sandals.

Pregnant Snooki Riding a Scooter

You know how fat people ride those Rascal scooters because they’re too lazy to walk and have effectively given up on life?

Snooki Will Birth a Boy

Snooki’s promise to create Hell on Earth is coming one step closer to fruition.


Snooki Is Pregnant

Late last month, Star reported that Snooki was pregnant and was only telling close friends and family.


The Situation Is Gay or Something

In an interview with HuffPo, JWoww, Snooki and the interviewer all question The Situation’s sexuality and say he’s basically the Wile E.