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Damon Lindelof Sorry for the Alice Eve Underwear Scene
apologiesMay 21, 2013

Guys, Damon Lindelof wants to apologize for putting in a random scene of Alice Eve in her underwear in Star Trek Into the Darkness. He says it was gratuitous. ...

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness:’ Sherlock Holmes and Man Crying
ReviewsMay 20, 2013

Star Trek is not my thing. So much so that I was one of the three people in the country who never saw the first movie. As a ...

Alice Eve at the ‘Star Trek’ Premiere
alice eveMay 3, 2013

Alice Eve showed up at the UK premiere of Star Trek: Into the Darkness yesterday. She cleans up nicely. She plays Dr. Carol Marcus in the movie and shows ...

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Star Trek’ Costume Was Very, Ahem, Form Fitting
benedict cumberbatchJanuary 22, 2013

Everyone’s favorite underdog Benedict Cumberbatch tells The Sun that his Star Trek Into the Darkness costume was so tight you could see his cumberpatch. That was terrible. I apologize. ...

It’s Another ‘Star Trek: Into the Darkness’ Trailer
star trekDecember 17, 2012

I’m confused. Is this the new Superman trailer or Star Trek trailer. In related news, here’s the first 10 minutes of the movie in terrible cam quality.

The ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Teaser Is Out
star trekDecember 6, 2012

The teaser to the trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness is out and if you’re into 1 minute teasers for a future trailer for two to three more ...

Zachary Quinto is a cheater
star trekMay 8, 2009

Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie, ran into technical difficulties while trying to do the live long and prosper Vulcan salute. Aww, ...

Hayden Panettiere tries to do the Vulcan or the Nanu Nanu
hayden panettiereMay 1, 2009

Alone by herself with no one standing next to her to compare to, Hayden Panettiere looks decent. Not like that troll she always looks like. Take here ...

George Takei and Brad Altman finally marry
george takeiSeptember 15, 2008

After 21 years together, George Takei, 71, and Brad Altman, 54!, were finally wed by a Buddhist priest on Sunday at the Japanese American National Museum. Altman ...