Kat Von D And Steve-O Are Doing It

Or dating. You know. Whatever. The rumor mill started a-spinning in November when they started sharing pictures on social media, and now it’s been confirmed that these two are an item.


Sansa Stark Kicks Steve-O in the Nuts

I’ve never seen anyone lovingly kick someone else in the balls before until I watched this video of Steve-O getting punted in the nuts by Sansa Stark.


‘Killer Karaoke’ Seems Fun?

A new show from TruTV called Killer Karaoke (hosted by none other than Steve-O) combines Fear Factor with all those singing shows everybody loves/hates.

Steve-O is doing swell

Steve-O missed his court date yesterday. As a result, he forfeited his $10,000 bail.

Steve-O is nuts

This video posted yesterday on Steve-O’s YouTube account shows you exactly why I don’t like being kicked in the balls, have firecrackers launched off my balls or have my balls nailed to a board.

In other news

I’m leaving tomorrow for Vegas. I haven’t been there in a couple months, but I hear rates have gotten more competitive and you get free hookers on your birthday.