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The Guy That Got a Broncos Super Bowl Champs Tattoo Seems Pretty Happy
broncosFebruary 5, 2014

After Seattle demolished Denver in the Super Bowl, a photo of a guy with a tattoo showing the Broncos logo with “XLVIII Champs” written underneath made it’s way ...

I Can’t Imagine Why This Carl’s Jr. Commercial Was Banned from the Super Bowl
banned commercialsFebruary 4, 2014

Let’s talk about this banned Super Bowl spot for Carl’s Jr.’s new Big Sausage Breakfast which features three eggs, loads of melted cheese and a full foot long ...

The Best Super Bowl Commercial You Probably Didn’t See
commercialsFebruary 3, 2014

If you weren’t in Savannah, Ga., you most likely did not see this ad during the first commercial break of the Super Bowl. But you really should watch ...

Optimus Prime Rode a Grimlock During the Super Bowl
super bowlFebruary 3, 2014

If you managed to not fall asleep watching the Broncos get bent over by the Seahawks last night, you probably saw this 30 second spot for Transformers: Age ...

The Super Bowl Was a Snoozefest
denver broncosFebruary 2, 2014

Peyton Manning couldn’t Omaha his way out of a 43-8 loss to the Seahawks Sunday night. If there was one gif that sums up the entire game, this ...

Doctor Bets It All on Tom Brady and the Patriots Winning the Super Bowl
super bowlFebruary 1, 2014

A cardiologist who was a guest on a Fox News affiliate talking about eating healthy during the Super Bowl was asked for his predictions on a winner. He’s ...

Is Someone Cutting Onions in Here?
budweiserJanuary 29, 2014

If Peyton manning winning the Super Bowl isn’t going to make you cry, then this Budweiser commercial will.¬†Puppy Love. That pretty much explains it all. If you’re a ...

This Dorito Commercial Will Change the Way You Clean Your Fingers
commericalsNovember 29, 2013

This fan made Doritos commercial poses a solution to the age old problem of Dorito dust on your finger. Sure, you can lick it off yourself, but not ...

The Bar Refaeli GoDaddy Makeout Commercial Took 65 Tries
bar refaeliFebruary 4, 2013

Remember that GoDaddy commercial featuring Bar Refaeli making out with Jesse “The World’s Greatest Extra” Heiman that aired during the Super Bowl? The one that killed your sex ...