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‘Two and a Half Men’ Child Star Has Gone Full Crazy Christian
angus t. jonesNovember 26, 2012

In 2010, Angus T. Jones became the highest paid child actor on television. He earned $300,000 per episode which amounted to $7.8 million over the next two seasons. ...

Miley Cyrus in Bed With Ashton Kutcher for ‘Two and a Half Men’
miley cyrusSeptember 25, 2012

I’ve asked a lot of people and no one has ever admitted to watching Two and a Half Men so I have no idea how this show is popular. But ...

Denise Richards Turned Down $100K
denise richardsSeptember 22, 2011

Since TV is all about realism, producers of Two and a Half Men thought it’d be a good idea to have a real ex be at his TV funeral. ...

Ashton Kutcher Isn’t Very Funny
ashton kutcherSeptember 21, 2011

Despite premiering to record ratings, crew members on Two and a Half Men aren’t thrilled with Ashton Kutcher’s comedic abilities. Because he has none. “[Ashton] is really a ...

CBS Says ‘Thanks, Charlie Sheen’
two and a half menSeptember 20, 2011

CBS should send Charlie Sheen a bouquet of roses with that $100 million check because his mental breakdown, subsequent firing and replacing by Ashton Kutcher gave the Two ...

Charlie Sheen Would Guest Star on ‘Men’
charlie sheenSeptember 16, 2011

In least surprising news of the day, Charlie Sheen says he’d be up to do a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men if they’d want him. ...

Ashton Kutcher’s Naked ‘Two and a Half Men’ Campaign
ashton kutcherJuly 19, 2011

CBS released a teaser for the new season of Two and a Half Men starring Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and Charlie Sheen replacement, Ashton Kutcher. They’re all ...

Good Luck With That, Charlie Sheen
charlie sheenJuly 7, 2011

As you may have read from your 24hr Charlie Sheen streaming news feed, Sheen is getting roasted on Comedy Central. And because Sheen is a self-obsessed jackass whose ...

Ashton Kutcher Will Make Less Than Charlie Sheen
ashton kutcherMay 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen earned a base pay of $1.25 million an episode for Two and a Half Men which ballooned to $2 million after factoring in profit and participation ...