Wiggle Wiggle

I’m not sure what the impetus for this was but I’m glad it was caught on video because when I die, I want to be able to tell everyone around me that I’ve seen it all.


This Is How You Stop a Riot

Police were monitoring activity between rival soccer fans the other day hoping to prevent escalating violence but they didn’t have to do much because the escalator de-escalated the situation all by itself.


Hot Girls Have Problems Too

As you try to suppress your rage while watching this video of two “textbook perfect hot girls” singing about their 99 problems, you have to admit to yourself one thing.


The Greatest Thing You’ll See Today

I know you’ve all left work by now but if for some godforsaken reason you’re still there, you might want to take a break, sit back and enjoy this extremely awesome 30 second video about a tiny chainsaw that’s spreading around the net like an std.