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Jessica Simpson Reaches Her Weight Loss Goal
jessica simpsonMarch 7, 2014

A little over a year ago, Jessica Simpson made a deal with Weight Watchers where she would lose her post-pregnancy weight and they would film a commercial of ...

‘Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson,’ Jessica Simpson’s New Weight Watchers Commercial
jessica simpsonDecember 19, 2012

Behold! Jessica Simpson’s new Weight Watchers commercial where they decided she finally lost enough weight to shoot her from the neck down. It’s your usual weight loss commercial ...

Jessica Simpson Looks/Looked Kind of Good Here
jessica simpsonDecember 19, 2012

Jessica Simpson needed 7 months after the birth of her daughter to lose 50 lbs as part of her Weight Watchers contract. The first commercial she filmed for ...

Weight Watchers Furious at Jessica Simpson
jessica simpsonDecember 6, 2012

Jessica Simpson had to shoot her first Weight Watchers commercial from the waist up because she didn’t lose enough pounds. She went on to lose a staggering 70 ...

It’s Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watcher’s Commercial
jessica simpsonSeptember 11, 2012

Weight Watchers debuted their new commercial starring Jessica Simpson. She says she’s not a supermodel (that’s for sure). She’s just Jessica trying to eat real food in the ...

Jessica Simpson Only Losing 1 Pound a Week
jessica simpsonJuly 19, 2012

Speaking of celebrity weight loss, Weight Watchers signed Jessica Simpson to a contract to have her drop her pregnancy weight. The $4 million deal doesn’t go through until ...

Jessica Simpson Signs $4M Weight Watchers Contract
jessica simpsonMay 10, 2012

In real life, people have to pay other people like personal trainers to force them into shape. In the celebrity world, organizations pay people like Jessica Simpson $4 ...

Jessica Simpson Scores $3 Million Weight Watchers Deal
jessica simpsonDecember 12, 2011

Remember how I said Jessica Simpson’s kid was going to be worthless? That’s still true for the most part but what that kid couldn’t give Jessica in magazine ...