Blade: The Series

Blade: The Series

Spike TV is going to debut an actual scripted series in June. Does this mean Spike TV isn’t just a cable network that plays old tv shows?

Actually, the question you should be asking yourself is, “why are they making a series off a franchise which went good to bad?” The answer: A black vampire baby!

I hope this doesn’t cut into my MXC fix.

Kirk Jones stars as Blade the half-man, half-vampire warrior devout to saving the human race from vampires and other demonic forces.

Kirk Jones has the titular role as Blade. Yea, I didn’t think I had ever heard of him either until I saw that he is Sticky Fingaz from Onyx. Ok, you got me, I have never heard of Onyx in my life. I do know The Shield though and in it he played the gangster, Kern Little.

Jill Wagner plays Krista Starr (two r’s makes it so much cooler). If you also don’t know who this one is, but you do watch Punk’d, then try to remember why you pulled your pants down for a couple of episodes. It was because of her, one of the punkers and … forget it, maybe these pictures will jog your memory.

Jill Wagner Jill Wagner Jill Wagner Jill Wagner

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