Invasion has died


So this may be old news for some, but shut it cause I just found out. ABC has decided to cancel Invasion. Hang your head in sadness. Don’t worry though, a few shows have survived and are coming back: The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars and Wife Swap (sarcasm). Excuse me, I have to shoot my neighbor’s tv.

To mourn the loss, here are some pictures of Kari Matchett and Lisa Sheridan.

Kari Matchett 1 Kari Matchett 2 Lisa Sheridan 1 Lisa Sheridan 2
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17 years ago

Hey, it’s nice to find another fellow Invasion fan! I don’t know if you already know about it or not, but a bunch of the fans have started a letter writing campaign to try to get Invasion back on the air. We are specifically targeting The Sci-Fi Channel, in hopes that they might pick up Invasion for another season. We have all the contact info for ABC and Sci-Fi, if you want to voice your opinion about Invasion being cancelled. We also have an online petition that has already gathered over 20,000 signatures, and more are still signing each day!!… Read more »