Kristin Cavallari is Daisy Duke

Kristin Cavallari

Bill Gerber, the producer of last year’s The Dukes of Hazzard, tells PEOPLE in its new issue that he is working on a prequel to the movie that brought Simpson (and her rear view) film fame – and he thinks Cavallari, 19, would fill out those Daisy Duke shorts quite nicely.

This choice is based on her unproven acting ability, Laguna Beach and her failed reality series, Get This Party Started. I think this is what Gerber was actually saying: “I got laid by a 19 yr. old. Boing!” Which, coincidentally, is also exactly what I say after casting my actresses.

Is it just me or does she have a huge head? I wonder if that will be distracting. Maybe when her acting career doesn’t take off, she can be the fourth Pep Boy.

Some photos of Kristin Cavallari including her head at the Entertainment Weekly/Matrix Men party from

Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari


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