Tarantino and Dragon Dynasty

Ong Bak

Tarantino has signed on to serve as a consultant for Dragon Dynasty. For those that don’t know, the Weinstein Co. have started a new genre division called Dragon Dynasty who’s goal is to bring Asian Cinema to American audiences. Since Hollywood has hit a wall in the originality department, it makes sense for them to take other countries’ films for profit. There is really no need to be original when you can buy the distribution rights to someone else’s idea for only a few million.

Although, this doesn’t really seem to mean much since Tarantino is willing to slap his name onto almost anything dealing with good Asian cinema or new horror. What exactly do they need consultation on anyway? Is it really that hard to see what Asian movies do well?

Slated for release are Born to Fight, Ong Bak 2, Seven Swords and Dragon Squad.


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