11 Superman Returns clips

Superman Returns

IESB put up 11 clips from Superman Returns. Their site has been hammered all day and it’s been pretty hard to see any of these clips. I finally found some on Youtube and they are all linked after the jump. There have been some early reviews which say that the movie is just mediocre, but I refuse to believe Bryan Singer has turned this into crap. Although, I doubt it can be crappier than the original Superman III.

Do you know the story of Prometheus?

I thought I would never see you again.

Lois Lane is a mommy.

Unidentified Bogey.

Airplane Rescue.

Superman Returns.

Were you in love with him?

I love that you can see through anything.

Where did you go?

Lois, will you come with me?

This just came through the fax.

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