Boy George gets a warrant

A Manhattan judge issued an arrest warrant for Boy George after George failed to appear in court. This stemmed from a false home burglary report Boy Geroge made which resulted in the police finding cocaine in his house. How high do you have to be to call the police and lead them straight to your cocaine. The fun doesn’t stop there.

The judge ridiculed Freeman’s community service proposals, which included helping teenagers make a public-service announcement, holding a fashion-and-makeup workshop, and serving as D.J. at an HIV/AIDS benefit.

Boy George’s brain must be fried three times over. Seems no one sent him the memo that community service is a form of torture and just because normal functioning males would cringe at the thought of doing these things, doesn’t mean it’s punishment. Seriously, holding a fashion-and-makeup workshop. Would anyone, boy or girl, want to go to this if Boy Geroge was running it? You’ll come out looking like the clown from my birthday party that kept on caressing kids necks.


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