Cars is #1

This weekend at the box office, Cars took the top spot with $62.8 million. Not a bad opening, but not that great either, especially when you compare it to other Pixar films of the past. They made near the same amount as Monsters Inc. did in 2001, but also back then tickets weren’t $10. The Break-Up took #2 with a 48% drop, which would mean even Vince Vaughn couldn’t save it. X-Men: The Last Stand dropped 54% to be #3. I’m not at all suprised since this would be Brett Ratner’s rape of a franchise. A Prairie Home Companion took in $4.7 million despite opening in only 760 theatres bringing it into the top 10 at #7.

I know you people don’t get out much, so here are some other tidbits for you.

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