Dan Rather will leave your ass

This morning, CBS is set to announce that former CBS Evening News anchor, Dan Rather, is leaving after 44 years with the network. Rather left his anchor desk a while back.

Rather’s position with the network had been strained after a September 2004 report he did for “60 Minutes Wednesday” that questioned President Bush’s National Guard service during the Vietnam War. The report, which was prepared by producer Mary Mapes and only involved Rather minimally, was based upon documents that failed to live up to intense scrutiny.

I guess that one incident nullifies those 44 years of service. It’s apparent that CBS doesn’t follow the saying, “old but not useless”, which is likely what your parents say to you after you visit them in the home. Shame on you.

Rather is said to be in talks with HDNet to do a one hour interview/newscast show. Mark Cuban, the owner of HDNet, has confirmed this rumor. Going to HDNet after doing 60 Minutes is the equivalent of being one of the hottest people in the world, but then turning into an ugly joke. Over here we call that the Spears/Federline effect.


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