David Hasselhoff is a judge

Simon Cowell has recruited David Hasselhoff to be a judge on his new American Idol type show called America’s Got Talent. This show differs from Idol because it has all types of “talents” like singing, magic and bird calling. I use talent loosely because America’s only true talent is eating hamburgers and watching reality tv. This is David on how Simon convinced him to be a judge.

“He called me up and said, `Would you do this?’ And I said, `I don’t want to be a judge!’ And he said, `Come on, it’s fun! You’re funny!'”

And, shrugged Hasselhoff, “Because it’s Simon, I did it.”

Talk about battered woman syndrome. One lame compliment and Hasselhoff’s face lights up. He has to be the easiest person to persuade and I wouldn’t argue with that considering he made the I Got A Feeling video. At least I won’t have to listen to Simon. Instead, I can watch that hunk of a man Hasselhoff with his manly chest hair and snow white teeth. You can see Hasselhoff laughing at old people on Wednesday.


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