Everyone loves Superman

Superman Returns

Critics have been going nuts over Superman Returns which opens next week. They have been praising this movie saying it’s not trying to be hip, post-modern or campy. Does this mean Bryan Singer really is the golden boy for superhero movies?

Hollywood’s two trade newspapers, Daily Variety and Hollywood Reporter, gave the movie strong reviews, with The Reporter describing it as “a heartfelt Superman movie that plays to a broad audience thanks to an emotionally troubled Man of Steel.”

The more I read stuff like this, the more I feel like I’m falling into the trap of movie hype. Most of the time, it ends with me wanting to knee these critics in the mouth. But it’s Bryan Singer man! The average schmoes that have seen it say it’s great. Even the few hardcore fanboys that have seen it have spittled on people trying to tell them that it’s everything they hoped it would be. To that I say I hope they’re right because if they’re not, I’ll be just another pervert in red speedos and blue tights.


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