Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck

Continuing with the Jessica Alba news and the Jessica Alba sucking on something pictures, Alba has signed on as the female lead in asshole Dane Cook’s comedy, Good Luck Chuck. Jessica Alba is on a roll securing work. Good Luck Chuck is:

From a script by Josh Stolberg, the project stars Cook as a serial dater who has gained a reputation. After he dates a woman she will rebound and immediately find her soul mate. He soon meets the woman of his dreams and must find a way to keep her from breaking up with him. Alba will play the woman he wants to settle down with.

This sounds like the concept of The Cooler with William H. Macy, except instead of gambling, it’s with women. Alba is also going to be shooting Fantastic Four 2 and Sin City 2 in the future. This means more spandex and skimpy cowgirl outfits which is a win-win for everyone.


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