Jessica Alba wants an even tan

Jessica Alba

USA Today asked if Jessica Alba would go topless at a European beach. She replied with,

I would if it were just me and my guy, but the paparazzi seem to pop up everywhere.

No word yet on why Alba said “my guy” instead of my name. If it weren’t for the paparazzi, Alba would be naked in front of me right now, but no, she always tells me how she is afraid of the paparazzi and my very large….brain.

Alba also gave a detailed answer for what kind of swimsuit she prefers.

Bikinis are more flattering on my body. I wore jean shorts to the beach when I was a teenager. I was an insecure teenager and a born-again Christian hanging out with a group of kids that made me feel bad about showing my body. But I learned I shouldn’t be ashamed of what God gave me.

My dear Jessica, I really don’t care how you got to the point that you flaunt your body, just that you do. I’m glad you dropped your teenage friends because they seemed like a really bad influence.


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