Katharine McPhee is not a good date

Attention gentlemen! If you ever find yourself dating this American Idol, order from the kid’s menu. You’ll save yourself some hard-earned money. As an added bonus, you won’t have to beat yourself up knowing that Katharine McPhee just hurled thirty dollars worth of lobster down the toilet.

According to People magazine, “she’s been struggling to cope with the binge-and-purge eating disorder since she was 17.” A confessed late bloomer, the article goes on to say that she puked seven times a day which is like “putting a sledgehammer to your vocal cords”.

Here’s a piece of advice Nicole Ritchie gave to me: Get used to it! This is show business baby. No one wants to watch fat people sing. In fact, bulimia will be the least of your worries. Start practicing your poses for that sex video you “don’t” want to get out. Paris Hilton isn’t complaining, neither should you. Smoochy woochy!

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