Kathy Griffin needs a sex tape?

According to an online/phone poll done by Bravo, people voted that, in order for Kathy Griffin to get off the D-list and onto the A-list, she has to make and leak a sex tape with Judi Dench. Coming in second, was for her to adopt a baby from Namibia. Third, give a manicure/pedicure to Ryan Seacrest and last was join Scientology. The poll was done to hype the second season premiere of her show, D-list. Over at Bravo, you can see her try to complete the tasks.

The people who voted for this must be masochists because, for the love of god, why would anyone subject themselves to this. I tried watching the video, but it wouldn’t load. Just as well, since temporary blindness is not what I had planned for the evening.

Here’s a quote from someone over at the Bravo forums which sums this up nicely:

I love Kathy, but I saw her show in Houston on Valentine’s Day and when she pulled her pants down at the end of the show and walked across stage….Kathy, no sex tapes.


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