Madonna preys on the young

Now that Britney Spears has dropped Kaballah, Madonna is trying to lure Lindsay Lohan into her cult. Scientology and Kabbalah seem to be the two big things in Hollywood right now. The only difference I see is Kabbalah has a quota, while Scientology has you scream at strangers and ask them if they rape babies.

Lindsay also wants to be in a movie with Madonna, sing a duet together and they are also planning a trip to the Holy Land because this is sooo what Lindsay wrote in her diary. Poor Madonna, maybe she will meet her quota this year so she can finally move to the second stage of Kaballah. I hear the higher ups call it “gullible”.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan


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17 years ago

I missed Britney Spears on NBC! I heard she looked really bad…and unbelievably pitiful…So much for a “pop princess”. Post some pictures of her on the show! Or better yet, a video!