Menudo redux

A nationwide search for pre-pubscent boys to revive Menudo has begun. If you don’t remember or most likely never heard of Menudo, they were a teenybopper Spanish/English child boy band back in the late 80’s with Ricky Martin as its most famous member. So, you have to ask yourself, is the world ready for this? Yes, o god yes. Allow me to quote this aspiring child star:

“If I wind up the next Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony, that would be great!”

Right on, because then you can fulfill your dreams of frolicking on a beach with another man in speedos while the public questions your sexuality. You just have to admire the enthusiasm of youth. I genuinely hope that kid realizes his dream so he can look back on this quote.

You know, I actually remember this group. I believe I too once had Menuditis after seeing them. It was horrible, the puking, the headaches, the confusion and the seizures…or was that meningitis. No, I’m pretty sure it was Menuditis because with meningitis, I would have had the satisfaction of becoming deaf.


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