Nicole Kidman is the Joker

Nicole Kidman has been in the news a lot this week because of her marriage to Keith Urban. To recap, she is getting married in Australia and on her birthday, the paparazzi sent her flowers and serenaded her through the intercom. Then this morning she was nice enough to send the paparazzi camped outside of her house 24 bottles of Victoria Bitter beer. Some positive reinforcement is always good for the paparazzi because now they’ll cry about not getting fed at other stars’ houses.

Kidman emerged smiling. Asked what she planned for her birthday, she replied: “Not much, dinner at home with mum … boring. Thank you for the flowers and the singing.”

I doubt the paparazzi were ready for the sight of the current Nicole Kidman because I sure as hell wasn’t. What they were treated to was a comedy of horrors. Didn’t anyone tell her scaring people is not very nice. What happened to the Nicole Kidman that was in To Die For?

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