Pete Doherty is deep

Pete Doherty’s personal diaries detailing his rise to fame, struggle with drugs and his short relationship with Kate Moss will be published next year. Doherty allegedly has twenty volumes full of photos, poems and film reviews.

It’s suprising that Doherty has time to write anything between shooting up and shooting up. Actually, it’s suprising that Doherty even has the ability to write or remember a film long enough to review it. I’m sure most of it goes something like this:

Woke up, shot up and passed out.

I don’t know what happened on Tuesday, but before my interview today, I shot up.

Shot up again this morning. When I came to, I found a girl passed out in my house and stuck her with a needle full of heroin. I’m a giver. Why doesn’t anyone understand me?

Finished my painting made of blood. Shot up, passed out. Going to meet Kate Moss tomorrow. We will shoot up together.

Another interview, shot up again. I had a syringe full of blood this time and shot it at the cameraman. Why don’t people take me seriously?

Then for the next eighteen volumes, it’s just gibberish and chicken scratch covered in his blood and feces.

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