Rob Lowe is an ass

Rob Lowe

Here’s a guy who hasn’t been in the news for a while. Rob Lowe has gotten approval to build his dream home on his $8.5 million Montecito lot. His neighbor is complaining that this will obstruct his panoramic view of the ocean. This isn’t only because the house is going to be massive, but also because of the 24-foot high privacy headge he’s planning on building.

Lowe’s proposal is to build a 9,860-square-foot home with a 2,000-square-foot basement, an 800-square-foot guest house, an 800-square-foot second-story cabana with an 800-square-foot garage below. There will also be a swimming pool, spa and tennis court.

Usually when you move into a new house, you want your neighbors to like you instead of mumbling stuff at you everytime you pass by. Believe me, answering the door at 4 AM in the morning and finding a dead cat reeking of urine with a note saying “U R Next” stapled to its head is a little unnerving.

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