Spider-Man 3 teaser with Superman Returns

There have been internet rumors that the Spider-Man 3 teaser would run with the new Superman movie. It seems that now, it is pretty much official unless something happens during the next week. To everyone, this or Pirates Of The Carribean would be the most obvious movie to attatch it to, but with studios that churn out movies like Phat Girlz, Date Movie and Madea’s Family Reunion you just never know.

So, when you’re waiting in line behind those tiny children screaming at each other, just know that you’ll be getting a taste of some Spider-Man 3, even if it could only be a minutes worth of picture. But if you don’t see the teaser, then just accidentally spill some coke on those kids. It’ll make you feel so much better.

Also, remember that there are four villians this time. The three that are known are Venom, Sandman and Green Goblin. I’m sure Avi Arad will have a suprise for those at the San Diego Comic-Con. I say this because…it’s Comic-Con and I’m probably going to be there.

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