The Break-Up over X-Men?

X-Men took a huge dive at the box office taking in only $34.4 million as opposed to anything close to the $107 million they made during their opening weekend. That’s almost a 70% drop in sales which sends a clear message. Why would people watch it again with a rushed story, characters that weren’t developed enough and somewhat cheesy dialogue.

This gave way for The Break-Up to take the #1 spot with $38.1 million. Sure, the movie got slammed, but I went to see it anyway (for you guys, really!). It wasn’t that bad. Predictable at times and Vince Vaughn not always on, but he still had great deliveries, especiailly with Jon Favreau. Suprisingly, the story didn’t end up where you’d think it would. Notice I didn’t mention Jennifer Aniston. She didn’t do much for me besides showing her ass, at the 57 minute mark for the 2 of you that think she’s hot, which still didn’t do much for me.

I haven’t been to the movies in a while, but $10 for tickets? Why not just rape me and have me say thank you while I’m sobbing. At least Mastercard was running a 2 for $11 promotion.

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