X-Men: Last Stand has different endings

X3: Wolverine

This is a spoiler, so don’t read any further if you have never seen the movie and go back to your cave.

By now, everyone knows that X-Men has a final scene at the end of the credits. However, some people who stay till this scene say they have a different version depending on their country. Here are the four that people have been supposedly seeing. “Supposedly” because this is probably just a ploy to help out this mediocre movie (104 minutes isn’t enough time for a movie like this).

1. The Professor X ending, where a patient on the table calls out to Dr. Moira.
2. The grave of Jean Grey shaking and then a shot of it completely empty.
3. Mystique hands a case to Magneto, you don’t get to see its contents.
4. The red ray of Cyclops explodes out of Alkali Lake before a rapid fade to black.

There you have it. My duty of reporting unsubstantiated rumors is done. It doesn’t matter if this is true or not as this will just create more buzz for the movie. I also leave you with this scene from the movie which was cut out, at least for my version.

Iceman & Kitty
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Dark Side of Nothing
Dark Side of Nothing
14 years ago

Opening Boobs, or foreshadowing a fall of selective viewing?

take your pick, they are one in the same


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