Beyonce is pretty

If you’ve ever wondered what music by one of the Stepford Wives sounds like, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Beyonce’s new album entitled B’Day. Her expression reminds me of a prostitute with 20 years of experience under her belt and if you say something like, “time hasn’t been kind to you”, she’ll start sobbing uncontrollably. Although, uncontrollable sobbing when you have to wake up to Jay-Z every morning is understandable.

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Jack Black
Jack Black
17 years ago

Comment edited for being lame.

17 years ago

Jack Black u are ugly with your comments. You are also stupid because that is not how you spell niger but according to the definition in the dictionary, you fit one perfectly!!!!!

16 years ago

Yes Beyonce is pretty,also shapley, her clothes compliment her and all this is natural, so what if she wears a wig? She is making money in spite of it and having fun doing it.