Britney Spears is insightful

Britney Spears is naked and pregnant in the August issue of Bazaar and she has a few things to say.

Even though expectant mom Britney Spears poses nude on the cover of August’s Harper’s Bazaar, she tells the magazine that, when pregnant, “you don’t feel the most beautiful all the time.”

Thank you captain obvious. Some people feel like this when they’re not pregnant. They’re called women. She goes on to say this about her second pregnancy.

But with “this one, I was like, I’ve just got to wing it,” she continues. “It was weird for me at first because of who I am. Wherever you go, they expect you to look a certain way. I’m not supposed to be this big huge pregnant superstar.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pregnant woman say, “You know what? All these doctor’s appointments, classes and books take so much effort. I’m just gonna wing it”. Then again, I haven’t been around a lot of pregnant women. I usually just gift them with my semen. What they do with it after is none of my business.

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