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Since I was already there, I decided to stay for Grindhouse too. I knew Robert Rodriguez was going to be there, but Quentin Tarantino also showed up. Once again, they showed another insanely kick ass teaser. They brought out a whole slew of women from the movie. Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell and Rose McGowan to name a few. I completely forgot the other names and I have pictures, but since my camera is so old that someone has to stay still for 5 minutes, they’re blurry. Quentin told everyone that Kurt Russel has been signed to play Stuntman Mike and he initially wanted the movie to come out in December, but had to delay it till April. Other than that, Quentin was really enthusiastic about the whole movie which helped sell it some more. He claimed that this isn’t just some slapped together two directors working together on short films to be combined later movie. It’s actually two movies for the price of one played back to back with their own exploitation trailers. Here’s my description of the teaser for Planet Terror, which is Robert Rodriguez’s part. Quentin didn’t start his yet because he’s a lazy bastard or it hadn’t been scheduled yet or something.

The film itself looks like old used and scratched footage. The soundtrack was great for the teaser. It starts out with one of the sheriffs walking into the sheriffs office bleeding. He tells the other two sheriffs that some guy he arrested bit his finger off. The guy actually bit his finger off. The other two sheriffs go outside with shotguns to the squad car to find the window busted and the prisoner gone. Meanwhile, another prisoner, Freddy Rodríguez who plays Wray, comes out to take a look. He eyes the guns on the rack while the sheriffs are looking for the escaped prisoner. The maimed sheriff then asks his buddy if he found his finger. Buddy says no, but did find his ring. This is where I don’t remember what happens after.

Later on they introduce Danny Trejo, the bad ass mexican guy who always has the ‘stache. They say his name is slash? because when he opens up his trench coat, it’s wall to wall machetes. About 20 or so. I can only assume he likes to cut people. My memory gets hazy again, but he rides his bike and at some point, he finds a chain gun and magically attatches it to his bike. I think there’s a lot of shooting after that.

Then they cut to Freddy Rodriguez’s character Wray and also Rose McGowan’s character Cherry. You hear Cherry in a hospital bitching and moaning about something. She then shouts whatever the hell women shout when they lose a leg. She pulls back the hospital bed sheets to reveal an amputated leg. Wray doesn’t really want to hear her whine like a woman anymore so he knocks a leg off a nearby table and sticks it into her amputated stump and tells her to walk out. When they’re walking out of the hospital, he starts killing people because they’re re-animated or he’s anti-social. Anyway, he busts out some insane moves involving climbing up a wall and flipping over a guy then stabbing him with two knives. He fights some more then at one point or another, he finds a Colt Carbine assault rifle (I think, I believe it also has a grenade launcher) and assimilates it with Rose McGowan’s amputed leg. So if you’re not following. At this point Rose McGowan has an assault rifle as her peg leg. Then she somehow ends up faced backwards on the bike of Danny Trejo’s character while shooting her leg and launching a grenade.

At this point, I’m thinking I just experienced my first orgasm and that was just Rodriguez’s half. He tells people that that was only one week’s worth of shooting.

Note: I stole all these posters from again because for the life of me, I could not find these posters anywhere and any pictures I took of the cast just sucked. I have no idea how I missed the posters even though I saw the Grindhouse booth.

2nd Note: He also made fun of Harry Knowles from AICN. Awesome.

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